Sunday, April 13

Feel her breath on my face. Her body close to me. Can't look in her eyes. She's out of my league .

Songs I've downloaded while I was most likely stoned....
Part Two.

Once again, I've come across yet another one of those songs that pretty easily identifiable as one that I've downloaded whilst being stoned. There's never any other explanation for it. Sometimes these songs can turn out to be a wise choice. A guilty pleasure or forgotten gem. Alas, there's also times when I wonder just what the hell I must have been thinking. I mean, I know that smoking weed affects certain senses, particularly parts of your brain that respond to rhythms and music in particular, but in some cases that really isn't a good enough excuse.
Sometimes the song is borderline, so I spend a little time making a decision whether to bin in or keep it.

Patrick Swayze - "She's Like The Wind"

Just this one downloaded, not the entire soundtrack. Although I do have the soundtrack on CD, but I don't think it's been out of its box for 10 years. Honest!
Well, there's certainly something about it, but I can't put my finger on it. Is it the quietly building piano intro....nope. Is it Patrick's sultry tones....nope. Is the lovely lyrics....erm, nope. I dunno, maybe it's just the fact that's it's not an offensive song. Ok, so it's sung by an actor, but his voice isn't terrible and the song itself is nicely melodic.
Being so strongly attached to a movie obviously helped this song immensely. There were probably lots of girls (and probably guys) who listened to it, dreaming about doing some dirty dancing with Patrick. I didn't. I was more into thinking I'd like to be the one who pushes Baby in the corner. Whaddya mean it's "puts"? I know what I meant!

The lyrics are awful though.
"She's like the wind, through my tree"
I mean....what the fuck?!
"I look in the mirror and all I see, is a young old man with only a dream"
You do what with the who now?

You also have annoying sax coming in towards the end. The annoying sax that used to crop towards the end of all soft American rock stuff. I blame the like of Michael Bolton, but let's not get into naming names.

Wet kipper or forgotten gem?
I'm afraid I'm gonna be binning this one. The song itself is ok, but the lyrics are truly awful and I can't forgive the song for that.

That's 1 to the Forgotten Gems and 1 to the Wet Kippers.

OH, and good luck with everything and I hope you get well soon, Patrick.*

*Just in case he Googles himself, yano**

**Welllllll, you never know!

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Jon said...

I really need to try this weed...

bedshaped said...

Yes, yes you do.