Wednesday, April 9

All I'm sayin' is sometimes I'm more scared of myself. You better move, I said move.

It wasn't so much the uneasy feeling I felt when I opened the small cupboard door to find a pile of 'Blue Movies' stacked up.
Or even the turn in my stomach when I noticed the one on top titled "The Anal Grader".
But when he said to his daughter, "Look out! He's down there, on the floor, sticking his arse in the air", while I was attempting to fix a leaking lock-shield valve....I felt it would be a good time to make my excuses and leave.

4 parlez:

Cat said...

Oh God. Do you ever watch Balls of Steel on Channel 4? They have a character who's called The Big Gay Following, and there was an episode which sounds very like the scenario you describe. Maybe you'll get it on YouTube - it was hysterical.

SwissToni said...

Oh. My. God.

Run! Run like the wind!

bedshaped said...

I tell ya....quickest repair to a leak, EVER!

John said...

What a queer chap. Maybe in the literal sense.