Monday, April 7

Faint light of dawn. I'm listening to you breathing in and breathing out. Needing nothing.

This is Sia:

This is Sia a little later:

She sings beautiful songs like these:

Don't Bring Me Down.

You Have Been Loved.

For our two year anniversary, The Girl and I went to see Sia play in a club.
This was taken just moments before Sia told the crowd about our two year anniversary. We got lots of "Awe's" from them.

She then dedicated "Breathe Me" to The Girl.

And then it began to snow as we walked back.

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Fern said...


and thanks for the tunes

Beth said...



treacle said...

awesome...happy happy x

bedshaped said...

You're welcome! Hope you like them.

I know! It was such a surreal moment. I haven't even described it very well. But then again, how can I? Very moving....very special....completely unforgettable.

It's nice to know that part of my life is going well.