Wednesday, January 2

This quiet serves only to hide you, provide you. What I knew, what I knew, it'd come back to you.

There are so many things I want to achieve this year, it's difficult to know just where to begin. Being devoid of a beginning doesn't make the goal any less achievable, it just means the journey may be a little more bumpy.

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SpiralSkies said...

Not necessarily bumpy - maybe just more interesting. You'll see things you didn't expect on the way.

Much better.

Happy New Year X

treacle said...

I'm sure you'll ride it with style. Good luck x

bedshaped said...

It sounds a little odd, but I'm kind of expecting the unexpected.

I shall do my very best.

surly girl said...

happy '08 bedshaped. hope this is a good year for all...


Complex Girl said...

Well if there must be bumps, then may your bottom always be cushioned this year x

Rachel said...

Hi and Happy New Year, have moved blog so mail me and I will give you the new site address. Will be good to have you along for the ride

Rachel said...

Oh my mail address is

stevie newton-john said...

Happy Clean Slate to you, sir! =)

And roads less traveled and all of that other hooey...

John said...

Well, best of luck for the New Year. It should be an interesting one for us all.

bedshaped said...

surly girl,
I think this will be a good year. It's time we took some good feeling, positive stuff back from the universe.
Nice to see you again.

complex girl,
My bottom is sufficiently cushioned, although I'd prefer it to be a little less so and more pert, but that's a whole different story!

I hear ya.

stevie newton-john,
Too many cooks are worth three in the bush and all that malarky.

Interesting is good. I can handle a bit of interesting.