Friday, January 4

Just 'cos you’re raising the bet and call the shots now on me. It really doesn’t faze me how you spend your time.

I took this a few minutes ago:

No, I'm not de-frosting or cleaning my fridge out. This is simply the current sad state of affairs of its contents....or lack of. Oh, and those eggs went out of date on the 18th of December. Go me!

Still....think of the money I'm saving by not filling it up (not that it's ever full anyway). I'd like to say I'm also losing weight due to lack of food to eat, but I was bought a tin of Celebrations for Christmas and it would be rude of me not to eat them, right. Except the Snickers ones of course. Damned food of the Devil!

My mum would hit the fucking roof if she saw how pathetic my fridge looked. Perhaps a good job then that my folks never visit me, huh. I've decided to save empty packs of things and print out pictures of fruit and salads to put in the fridge, just in case they decide to pay me a visit.

9 parlez:

Complex Girl said...

It's frightening how often my fridge looks like that! Except for less bottles of pop that is.

bedshaped said...

Although it doesn't look like it, the diet coke is almost empty and the diet lemonade has so little in it that I left it in purely for decorative purposes.

Cat said...

I'm going to have to start on what's in the freezer soon - my fridge is not so far off yours... And happy new year, love - here's to better things.

Brenda said...

something sadly satisfying about a nearly empty fridge.

minimalist beauty...meditative even.

bedshaped said...

cat, freezer is even worse.

You're right. I'd like to declare that it's actually an arty picture and not a statement of it's poor contents.

Rachel said...

At least no one can accuse you of not re-hydrating!

treacle said...

oh mate, hope things get better soon. xx

bedshaped said...

I like to keep my fluids up. It's an easy excuse to use if anybody says I look like I've gained weight...."Yeah, it's fluid retention!"

It could be worse, so I'm not too bothered about it myself. I just worry what other people might think of it, which is stupid of me really.

treacle said...

Its not stupid, we all do it...but you know what I am going to say...its none of their business.