Thursday, November 22

When nothing rings home enough to dig your heels in. You dont have to leave me to see what I mean.

I became engaged in a conversation with my ex-wife earlier, mainly about debt. Strange then, that I felt she'd been more honest with me about her own personal finances than she'd ever been with me before about anything. I wonder if she thought that admitting to me how difficult things were for her would make me feel better about my own situation.
I already know that living without at least dipping your toes into debt is a rare thing nowadays. I also know that many, many other people are in worse financial situations than myself. And who can forget the Christmas Cash-Fest that's getting ever closer.

I'm trying to be more pro-active about the possibility of financial implosion. Instead of sitting around wondering why I don't win the lottery (probably because I've never played it in my life), why a stranger doesn't knock on my door to hand over a handsome cheque or why my Bank Manager doesn't ring me up to announce he's writing off all my overdrafts and loans, I'm trying to do things to help myself.

If I advertise in another paper, that should bring in more work. The advert would be another expense, but it's definitely worth a trial run otherwise I'll never know and life's too short for too many "What ifs".
I have a car sat outside that's very rarely used. I could save on the cost of insurance, running, MOT and road tax by getting rid of it. Not only would I save a little bit by not having it, but the money from the sale would definitely come in useful over the next few weeks. Again, it's not without an initial outlay from me though, as the MOT is due and I have to get one of the tyres repaired.
This house is causing me the biggest headache. As things are, I simply can't afford to stay here as I am, unless my workload almost doubles. So instead of waiting for that to happen, I've decided to either get a lodger in or find somewhere else for me to stay and rent the whole place out. There's pro's and con's for both options.
To have somebody else living with me as a lodger....well, they'd have to meet certain criteria in order for me to not feel uncomfortable in my own place. That's not because I'm particularly picky, as I'm sure anybody else would feel the same. It's just how it is. Of course, there are brilliant people out there who would probably fit right in with my kind of living, although finding one has proven very difficult so far. But that's not to say it still couldn't happen.
Getting out of here and finding somewhere else to stay (on a temporary basis) would mean I could rent the whole place out. The Lettings Agency that I do work for have already said that they'll manage the property for me. Hopefully, the rent coming in would cover the mortgage payments and I'd also be free of the other bills that come hand in hand with owning your own place.
Whichever route I take, one thing's pretty much certain. Next year sometime, I want to be living closer to The Girl. So whether I take the renting out route and continue with it, or take the lodger route and sell up/rent out next year, it doesn't really change the fact that my heart isn't in this house anymore.

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John said...

I would definitely go with the selling up option and finding somewhere to rent. Rent can often work out cheaper, and plus you avoid the whole rigmarole of going through the awkwardness of finding someone you're compatible with and then having to negotiate house rules.

I hope you let us know what you decide to do. At least if you do rent you can get closer to where your heart is taking you.

treacle said...

Well, it sounds like you are starting to form a plan - good on you. I have found that just making a decision makes me feel so much better. I've had to move so many times since i came back to london just to make things work but after loads of struggling its starting to be okay again. I'm still a long way off but like you I am trying to find a way to make things easier. Good luck Bedshaped all positive vibes coming your way xxx

Craig said...

I agree that I'm not sure you would take kindly to someone living with you in your own home - unless it was The Girl obviously.

Debts are the pits, with ignoring them the worst possible long term plan. But you are facing up to them and now you have a plan hopefully you will feel more confident about taking things forward and overcoming them.

I don't know the geographical implications, but would selling the house and renting somewhere closer to The Girl mean more expense in advertising in a different area or is it not too far away?

If you don't use it or need it, then fix the car up and sell it - that's an expense you don't need.

bedshaped said...

Maybe I haven't explained it properly, but I can't really sell up right now because I'm tied into my mortgage for a while longer. If I wasn't, then I would probably consider selling up as the best option.

I've never been one for planning things in the past, so this is all quite new to me. I'm not sure if I like thinking ahead too much, but I'm persisting.
Thanks for the positive vibes. Kepp them coming.

Hello and thanks for stopping by and commenting.
I need to waffle less and post a more accurate account of my current situation.
Moving closer to The Girl (when it happens) would mean a complete upheaval for my business, so yes there would be more advertising implications, but I wouldn't have to advertise down here anymore.
Thanks for the comments though.

phx said...

I wonder if this might help with your Christmas dilemma.

My fingers are crossed that lots of pipes in your area go kablooey soon. :)