Tuesday, November 20

You're going to roll right over this one. Just roll me over, let me go.

I felt like a beggar, asking The Blagger if he would mind a houseguest for a while. I explained that he would be helping me out massively and we could come to some sort of arrangement over the money he still owes me.
If I can stay with a friend, while I rent this place out and somebody else pays the mortgage for me, then maybe I can get through the next few months. Saving the mortgage payments, along with the other bills that are tied with having a house will be a huge help for me.
My folks think that finder a lodger is still the answer, but so far I've not had any luck. Perhaps, because I've been just able to scrape by, I've not put in as much effort finding one as I should.
I'm still torn over what to do.
Sometimes it's just too much to think about.

While I was at the folks house yesterday, we joked about the lack of food in my fridge. I wondered if they knew the harsh reality of what we'd been laughing about.

Eleven and a half months since I quit the rat race. I haven't gone under yet, so I must be doing something right.

One foot goes down in front of the other....

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Cat said...

Having a lodger sounds like a sensible option, but in reality, might be pretty hard going. For starters, it's your house, and you're used to being there by yourself - it could feel quite awkward. Actually moving in with a mate might be the easier thing to do, and a whole house might go more quickly - and will certainly command a higher rent - than a room.

In an ideal world, a lodger who works away would be a winner. My friend R has had three different flatmates who are barely around (not all at once) but that works here because we have a lot of people working offshore.

Moving - Supergrass

bedshaped said...

And so you see what a quandry I'm in about it.
I understand what you're saying about the lodger. In a perfect world, I'd have a gay male, late twenties ish who paid on time, liked to have a laugh and went away occasionally. Well, weekly. Mostly weekends.

Rach said...

.........and then another in front of that. You are doing great and are doing lots right, especially to have made it nearly a year free from the Rat Race. Keep going, you need a few more of your ducks in a row and it will come good.

bedshaped said...

More ducks may send me quackers.