Friday, November 23

It only makes me stronger, when you say I won't succeed. I'll work that bit harder, when you say you see no strength in me.

She is everything worth fighting for.
I fear the unwritten, but a future with her hand to hold calms the pages.
No amount of truly grotesque monster would put the frighteners in me.
My sword would be drawn,
my shield held high,
my heart beating brave.

I get wrapped up in myself all too often and it's easily done I guess. But through it all, I try my best to remember how difficult it is for The Girl and lend my support as much as I can. Ninety miles is nothing in the whole scale of things, but sometimes it feels like the other side of the world and that's when it really hits me that sometimes words are just words. When all I want to do is wrap my arms around her, but the gaping distance doesn't allow that. So we're left with words between us that so often don't feel anywhere near enough.

"So I stretch myself across, like a bridge. And I pull you to the edge"

She often doesn't realise just how much she copes with. Too quick to beat herself down over things, when in reality, she manages to juggle an amazing amount in her life and should feel immensely proud.
And that's exactly what I am....Immensely proud of her.
Ok, so I can't be with her all the time to give her the hug that she needs. But I hope she understands that one day....I will be. Through all the confusion and mess and distraction and anarchy and turmoil and work-load and turbulence....I hope she knows.
Even with the chaos and disorder of my own life, I have never lost sight of that amazing girl who deserves a hug.

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John said...

That is actually really touching.

I guess that is what true love feels like. I am beginning to wonder if I am still learning to realise that.

She's a lucky girl.

Jennifer Watson said...

Me. Jealous.

treacle said...

That's beautiful mate. :-)

Rach said...

Loved it, big tears from my eyes. Think that the girl is so lucky to have you

Complex Girl said...

Aw, that was really, truly, genuinely beautiful.

Now, do you have a single brother...? ;-)

bedshaped said...

Thank you everyone. And welcome jennifer.

complex girl,
Sorry, I don't.