Wednesday, November 14

She doesn't have to go to work, but she doesn't want to stay in bed. 'Cos it's changed from something comfortable, to something else instead.

Well....apparently, my bedclothes are too manly.
They scream bachelor!

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treacle said...

LOL!! What on earth are you wearing to bed then? Actually y'know what I am not sure I should have asked that.. sorry bedshaped... i'll just carrying on giggling....

bedshaped said...

Aah, there appears to be a little confusion here treacle. I wasn't talking about my attire, I was talking about my bedding. Quilt covers and pillow cases etc.

Rach said...

Ok going to draw from recent experience here and the downsides of my last relationship.
I, as your girlfriend, would like.....
one lovely tree hugger pillow on the bed
in my nightstand - some facewipes and moisturiser, fluffy socks and a dressingown to mong around in, a notebook and pen
sheets that smell of you and your aftershave
a fresh glass of water
a book of pics because I am too tired to read
some candles for the nights of passion
just you with all of that stuff too!

Any help?

Complex Girl said...

Better than them screaming "bloody sad mummy's boy", with a candlewick bedspread, or worse... a Thunderbirds duvet cover!!