Tuesday, November 13

Wake from your sleep. The drying of your tears. Today, we escape. We escape.

I'm not getting enough work. I'm getting some, so the local adverts are paying off, but I need to be busier than I currently am. I hope it's not going into a 'quiet' period. Is this a trade that has quiet periods?
It's obviously all down to marketing and basically getting your name and contact details out there. I'm advertising weekly in the local free paper, I'm listed on all the typical search engines for plumbers; such as Yell.com, Thompson Local etc, I've done some local leaflet drops, I've written to lots of local Lettings Agencies and I'm trying to get some good 'contacts' from local builders etc. But it's all not enough.
Yellow Pages seems to be the best option. It's expensive, but apparently works really well for certain Trades, such as Carpenters, Builders, Plasterers, Electricians and yep, Plumbers. The downside being that it's only published once a year, June/July I think, so I've missed the boat on that one. Until next year, of course. Until then, I have to carry on pushing myself the way I have been. Which is a real struggle.
It's beginning to grind on me a little now, when people say "Oh, you can't get a plumber for love nor money!".
Plumber looking for work, right here!!!!

In retrospect, had I known how tough it was gonna be, I'd have planned it out a lot better. As it is now, I'm pretty much making it up as I go along.
Incredibly tough, yes. But as hard as it is, I still wouldn't change it for a 'proper job'. With the extra worry of a financially impossible Christmas looming, I'd be lying if I didn't admit that no matter how I write it down on paper, I can't see myself getting through without some more 'help' from my folks. For 'help' read money.
I HATE thinking I will have to borrow money for Christmas. That sucks. That sucks big, sweaty smelling donkey balls.

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Jo said...

I think it *is* a quiet time of year for speculative stuff... it's cold and dark and nobody wants to do stuff that involves turning their heating or hot water off if they can help it. But it's busy for boiler servicing and emergencies. I seem to have a lot of things hanging that will get picked up in the new year. So I am trying not to worry about it too much...

Chloe said...

i am sorry!
i really do need a plumber right now but you are too far away. It is going to get better, you'll see. All freelancers need some time for their name to circulate, and especially plumbers, if they do a good job and don't charge ridiculous money, will catch on.
As for Christmas,this year i am going to make a small list of people to give presents to. And i am going to make some. Like cds and dvds and iron-on t-shirts using my printer. It doesn't need to be super expensive.

bedshaped said...

I don't even have anything hanging on for after New Year!
It's making me think twice about doing Corgi. Are you doing Corgi?

I wouldn't have a clue about Greek plumbing. I'm still getting to grips with British Standards.
I think most of my family know this Christmas is gonna be different for me.

treacle said...

oh mate, i dont know what to say so i send you a fat treacle hug instead x

Complex Girl said...

How about getting a bit creative and sending that "will plumb for food" pic into the local rag. They might just pick it up as a bit of a funny news story and run an article. Free and interesting publicity in your local area has got to be your best bet.

Might be worth the go...