Thursday, November 15

Here, as I watch the time go by. How I'd like to sail away. Leaving all my past behind. But I know I'd only last for a couple of days.

It's not very often that I get an email off my brother, Pandy.
Tonight, I did.
His emails are usually direct and straight to the point. Often, he only emails me to ask my advice about something.
His email is titled "Memories". What could this mean? Is this a relatively light-weighted communication, with him talking about things we used to get up to as youngsters? Is it something relevant to my dad's upcoming birthday? Is he going to be asking me something that's been nagging at him?
The email contains just two lines and link to a YouTube video.

"Thought this might bring back a few good memories for ya."

"Just turn it up and enjoy the good old days."

I used to have hair like Danny. I had a pet hate for Dorothy. To this day, I still don't really know why. Mr Shorofsky was my favourite. I always wished his first name was Sherman, but it was Benjamin. I always thought Leroy and the dance teacher had a thing going and Mrs Sherwood, or Elizabeth to her friends, well I used to wish for a teacher like that.
When I watch it now, it's almost cringe worthy, with just a splash of kitch, which kinda makes it ok to watch with some enjoyment. I guess Fame was to a previous generation what High School Musical is to the kids right now.
I think it used to be on Wednesdays. Then it grew in ratings and became more akin with the other 'prime time' slots. Every hip girl in the neighbourhood sported leg warmers. I bet the person who invented leg warmers never expected that to happen. They are probably long retired and living a fabulous life, all on the back of making over sized socks with no foot part.

I had the 'Starmaker' episode taped and for the next few months I would spend day after day watching it. As far as I'm concerned that was the best episode I'd seen up til then and they never bettered it. It was a depressing episode, all based around the fact that a well loved teacher was being given the boot, surplus to requirements/budget cuts as it were. The ending was their "Goodbye and good luck. We'll all miss you" speech, delivered as a song. Well, what else would you expect from an Academy of Performing Arts!
The thing is, I've sat here for ages now, trying to think how the episode ended. And I can't. At one point earlier, when I started writing the post, I was convinced the somebody ran in at the last minute and saved the day by announcing the budget was ok somehow and they didn't have to give anybody the chop after all. Google hasn't provided me with any answers and after trying for 15 minutes, I decided that it just wasn't that important.

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John said...

I've never seen it and I never will but now I want to know how it ended...

Rach said...

Oh holy mother of god, I cried buckets, especially when leroy cried. That was a blast from the good past mate, and I luuuuurved it. x

Rach said...

whatever happened to Doris though?

bedshaped said...

Perhaps somebody will stumble on this blog and be able to let us know.

Can't remember what Doris went on to in the series. I think Danny got himself a gig in a comedy club and went from there.
With a little help from Google, I found out that the actress who played her has since gone on to more bit parts in various American shows, released some music (including a re-recording of the infamous Hi Fidelity single) and has been dipping her toe in directing movies.

Jen said...

Oh, how I loved that show. Shame my mum insisted on knitting some legwarmers instead of buying me sparkly ones like my friends had.

I'm sure I cried at every episode.

Sigh. Those were the days, eh?

Complex Girl said...

More memories brought back here too! I think the most memorable moments for me were when they went to the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and when the small wiry black girl got hoodwinked into doing some "glamour model" shots and she was crying through it. Actually, think both of those were in the film?
God, talking of memories, that's now just made me realise how utterly crap mine is! Damn old age!!

bedshaped said...

You cried at every episode? Oh come on, it wasn't that bad.

complex girl,
Yeah I think you're right. Certainly the photo shoot scene is from the movie. Not sure about the Rocky Horror one though. I put my 'selective' memory down to smoking weed. What's your excuse?