Monday, October 8

One more drink and I'll be fine. One more girl to take you off my mind.

I don't have any beef with guys who drink per se.
I'm not sure if I can use the word "majority" when I say that when they've had a drink, the majority of guys are ok. Accurate statistics aren't really important.
What I do have a problem with is guys who get drunk and it consequently turns them into a fucking idiot. My use of the word "idiot" is by no means intended as definitive.
How about defining idiot as a guy who thinks he is invincible, either squaring up to others, becoming loud mouthed wankers or just generally acting as if he is the strongest guy around and nobody could take him on.
How about defining idiot as a guy who becomes convinced that every single girl in the same room as him thinks he's irresistible. No girl could possibly resist him, but if they do, he tosses them off by declaring he wasn't interested anyway or even worse, that they must be lesbian.
How about defining idiot as a guy who think that nothing he does or says is offensive to anyone. That doing things like grinding a stone down the side of a car, smashing car door mirrors, letting tyres down, pushing bins over, smashing glass in bus-stops or telephone boxes, pulling flowers out or anything else pointlessly destructive is just 'fun' or 'silly' and that people who think otherwise are just 'Party Poopers'.
How about defining idiot as a guy who think he can talk with his fists.
How about defining idiot as a guy who becomes an embarrassment for his friends.

I'm not a party pooper and I'm well aware that the "majority" (there's that word again) of guys who drink are good fun to be around. I'm also completely aware that having a drink relaxes and crumbles down one's inhibitions, so with guys who tend to be a little tight, it can bring them out of themselves a little. It's the guys who don't know their limits that piss me off. I also find them intimidating and will more often than not remove myself from their presence out of fear for being dragged into something.
What I can't understand is, if guys know what they get like when they've had one too many, why oh why do they continue to push that limit. Why don't they realise that they could stop acting like an "idiot" if they just didn't drink as much. I'm sure the world would be a better place.

I have a friend who is the sort who you would describe as "one of the nicest guys I know". When he's had one too many, he turns....he changes....he evolves into what I can only describe as a sexual leech. He becomes predatory and leery. His conversations include as many double entendres as they can and when he's had way too many, he becomes openly suggestive.
An old friend of mine used to turn into a violent bashing machine. I can remember going to his house for the first time, his girlfriend embarrassed as I asked what all the holes in the walls and doors were.
Even my brother goes into "idiot" mode when he's had too many. Most of the time he's a lovable drunk, but I've been on the receiving end of text messages and phone calls from my sister-in-law, asking for help because he's had too many.
I used to get embarrassed when my mates used to go on the prowl in the pubs and clubs. Trying to get them to see sense always fell on deaf ears and often I'd find myself apologising to the girls and then leaving. Any further attempts by me to make them see sense usually resulted in a pointing, prodding and squaring up situation.

I've never been a big drinker myself. I could probably count on one hand how many times I've been really drunk. I've done my fair share of drinking in my younger days, but I think I lost interest in it quite early from when I used to go clubbing and see all the trouble it used to cause. Getting innocently dragged into fights probably didn't help either.
Nowadays, if I have a drink it's more to loosen up. I quite like the loose feeling. Merry is also a good place to be on occasion.

I had my door mirror smashed on Saturday night. I was staying over at The Girl's house and couldn't park right outside like I normally do. I had to park on an adjacent street, but it was still no more than 20 metres from her house. Not that that make a difference anyway because I've had it done before and I was parked right outside that time. Somebody's 'fun' is a pain in the arse to me. Not only do I have to find the money to replace the mirror and fix any internal workings that got damaged, but in the meantime, any driving I do is compromised by a lack of a vital item.

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John said...

Someone once smashed my front left foglight, undoubtedly whilst under the influence, on my at the time brand new car. I was so, so pissed off.

It's cocks like the many you have described here that make this country a hard place to love.

Rach said...

I agree 100% with what you say bedshaped, although the same thing can apply to women.They get all loud and screechy and it is awful to behold. Sorry about the damage to your car though, hope you get it fixed soon. Can I say that am loving reading your blog lately, you have so much to say.

bedshaped said...

I think these 'types' were influencial in my decision to stop going out so much. It's arguable that I went to the wrong places of course, but there would always be some sort of 'event' each week.

I understand what you're saying about girls, but do they really act as bad as guys do? I can't really comment really, 'cos I've only seen the guy's side of things.
Oh and thanks for the kind words.

treacle said...

I'm sorry to hear about your window. A few years I had my front window of my flat smashed late at night because of drunken "fun"...I was terrified but nobody thought about that.

And I agree with Rach on the women front. They can be just as bad in different ways. Feelings of inadequacy can become highly exacerbated in women once they are drunk and I find it tends to manifest itself either in a determination to bag a man that evening or to behave as outrageously as they possibly can.

I tend to try and remain sober if I am with any people that look like they are heading that way. That way I can gently guide them towards something else or if worse come to worse I can leave intact.

bedshaped said...

It was the door mirror, not my window. If it had been my window, I would hope that my alarm would go off and at least scare the purpotrators off with their tails between their legs.
I've not really seen much of girls who drink too much. And of the times that I've been around it, it's resulted in nothing more than a little flashing or some other such harmless thing.
Although I did see a nasty fight between some girls once. I was walking past the club at the same time as they got chucked out by the bouncers and they all just carried on with it in the street. Guys started to hang around 'cos I think they were hoping for some clothing being torn off.
They always seem to go for the hair, don't they?!

I don't like fighting.
At all.

treacle said...

Neither do I - verbal or physical. Its so unnecessary.

Complex Girl said...

Ditto to the post and to the comments. I hate drunken men - the most off-putting, unattractive thing to walk the earth in my opinion. As for drunken girls, well, equally as irritating!

Then again, I do have some "control" issues which mean that I rarely drink outside the privacy of my front room, and only occasionally in it.