Friday, October 5

If you let go, the music should move your bones. Just remember....

Friday night....
Shouldn't I be out somewhere, or doing something, or being somewhere else that doesn't resemble my living room. I'm not depressed about being here. I'm not down about it or feeling sad. It just feels a little odd, like something's amiss.

I haven't worked enough this week, which is disappointing. The week before was great. No point in me losing sleep over it, it's just how it's been. Besides, this week coming could be brilliant.

The new series of Heroes is disappointing so far. I didn't expect that. I just hope Lost keeps up the standard when it returns.

I'm taking part in The Shuffleathon again, over at SwissToni's place.
I'm currently battling to cut my shortlist down. I may be some time because at last count, I was still about 20 songs too many.

Weird post huh?
Yeah, weird mood.

7 parlez:

Cat said...

I've worked out a track listing for the shuffleathon. Now I just need to work out how iTunes works. Humph.

treacle said...

I haven't seen Heroes yet but everyone tells me its great. Lost is a winner every time :)

John said...

You could always pretend you're in a different time zone where it's still Thursday or we're now in Saturday...then you wouldn't have any issues with being in your living room on a Friday night.

Although I'd be a bit freaked out if I was siting in my living room for no reason at 4AM on a Saturday.

bedshaped said...

Can't help you with itunes, sorry. All I hear of lots of complaining about it, so I've stayed away.
And I'm struggling with the Shuffleathon this end, particularly as I've added another few to the shortlist that came to me over the weekend.

The first season of Heroes was excellent, but this new one just isn't cutting the mustard at the moment. I hope it gets better.

Yes, I see your logic, but it sounds like far too much trouble in the 'thinking' department to be honest. It's not a big deal, the Friday night thing anyway. It just felt a little odd.

Complex Girl said...

Not anywhere near as weird as the last two posts!

And as for Friday nights in... pah, I've given up on any kind of non-Saturday night life!!

Saffyre said...

and yet I am loving the new season of Heroes. I'm not keen on the whole Tazeko Kensei storyline, but Peter Petrelli is my ultimate hero....When does the new series of Lost start?

bedshaped said...

complex girl,
I've grown out of the 'must go out at the weekends' phase.

I am persisting with Heroes.
I think Lost starts again in Feb '08 in The States, so presumably Sky will not be far behind that. I download the episodes when they're aired though. Yes, bad me!