Thursday, October 11

I had visions, I was in them, I was looking into the mirror. To see a little bit clearer. The rottenness and evil in me.

A few days ago, I felt ill.
Either bought on from contamination when I was at The Girl's house, or perhaps my poor eating habits. Either way, I felt crap and couldn't possibly face trying to eat anything for fear of it making a sudden and quite unwelcome reappearance. I retired to bed early with a glass of milk (which I'm now informed is not a good idea) and Good Will Hunting. Faced with the fact that I don't own a 'sick bowl', I made sure my path to the bathroom was clear. Just in case.

I'm possibly in the minority here by not having a 'sick bowl'. Every other house seems to have one, but I can't see it making itself appear on the 'must buy' list alongside a new cooker, curtains and/or blinds or the DVD boxset of Skins. And besides, when you buy new things for your house, you like to show them off. I quite like the idea of showing people my new cooker (eventually), but I don't feel the same enthusiasm at the thought of presenting them with my new 'sick bowl'.

I blame the DVD for my strange dream. It was all going so well as I watched The Girl bumping uglies with Minnie Driver, but suddenly took a downward turn when Minnie ripped off her face to reveal it was really Robin Williams. I should have guessed from the hairy hands. If that wasn't bad enough, The Girl ripped her face off and it was me. Now, I like Robin Willliams, but not in that way. I wish I'd have watched Pirates of the Caribbean. Who could possibly say no to a little of The Depp!?

8 parlez:

treacle said...

Robin Williams? Ewwww.

Johnny Depp? Yes please...

Cat said...

I don't own a sick bowl. But I do have a plastic basin within the bathroom sink which I suspect would do the job if - God forbid - the need arose. Don't you have one of those?

Cat said...

I meant the kitchen sink. Obviously.

John said...

I own a sick bowl. It also doubles up as my bedroom floor in times of absolute emergency and isn't bowl shaped.

Rach said...

That's some dream. Robin Williams does my head in so would be with you on the merits of Mr. Depp

phx said...

Sick bowl? I use a bucket.

bedshaped said...

The queue for The Depp starts behind me.

Plastic basin in the kitchen sink....? You mean a bowl? And you would use said bowl for being sick into....Hence a sick bowl.

Your vomiting habits leave a lot to be desired.

Erm, get your place behind treacle then.

Bucket....bowl....same difference I guess. Except of course, using a bucket suggests that a bowl doesn't have enough capacity and quite frankly....that frightens me.

Complex Girl said...

If need be (and praise the lord it isn't often!), its the bucket used for cleaning out the fish tank. Incidentally the fish died recently, maybe there's something in that...

Anyway, hope you feel better soon - and you can keep Johnny Depp thanks, make it RobBIE Williams for me next time... Though preferably bumping uglies with me not you of course! (Actually, now I come to think of it...)