Tuesday, August 28

Take the time to make some sense of what you wanna say.

I find it bemusing to understand how difficult certain Companies can be.
I'm currently using one such Company to print some Business leaflets for me. After this morning's telephone conversation, which resulted in an apparently empty promise of a call back, I decided to chase them up again. Once again, the person I needed to speak to was 'unavailable', so I asked if the person who I was speaking with could possibly help me.
"No. She will get back to you as soon as she can. They've all been really busy today."
How lucky for them! Obviously so busy that they don't give two fucks about gaining any new business. All I wanted to do was arrange payment for the leaflets.
With my previous job, if I'd have been overheard speaking to a Customer like that, without even trying to help them, I'd have been strung up by the nearest lamp-post.
Has Business and Customer Service changed that much in the last 9 months or am I just turning into a grouchy old bastard?!

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Cat said...

My issues with customer service are well documented, but I must say that the designers I use - who I work with on a daily basis - absolutely bend over backwards to accommodate my ever changing demands. I'll give you their number for next time!

Morgan said...

Customer service really has changed. It's not just you, I swear. We're all silently dying inside due to knobjockeys at BT, when what we really need to do is take consumer action, en mass, rah!