Wednesday, May 2

Maybe you did, maybe you walked. Maybe you rock around the clock .

I finally set the day and time on my ansa-phone.
After having it 2 years.
I found the instructions in amongst other paperwork, documenting the last five years of my life.
I shredded the lot.

It was a cleansing thing.

I have money in my hand. Cold, hard cash.
It's worth much more to me as a value just sitting in my pocket. If I bank it tomorrow, it then becomes a value for the bank by crawling back on my over-draught.
I love that first definition:
"The act of over drawing a bank account."
Being in the bank however, allows me to pay some bills and stupid as it sounds....I can't pay these bills with cash.

Last weekend, The Girl met a few more of my friends. They all loved her, although most of them were either very inebriated or stoned....or both. Next weekend the tables are turned on me, although I doubt very much that much alcohol or weed is gonna be consumed. We are going to a Chinese Restaurant with some of her college buddies.
I don't eat Chinese food, have I mentioned that before? Nor Indian food. Nor Italian, Mexican or whatever. In fact....I'm very fussy when it comes to food. My Mum said it was all my Auntie Judy's fault. She spoilt me. Aunties are great, aren't they?

I want The Girl's friends to like me. Of course I do. So how should I be? I've been thinking about this.
Should I just be myself. I grew out of the "I want everybody to like me" phase years ago, so I kinda have the "This is me, take it as you like". Luckily people still seem to like me, so I be can't be that bad, can I.
Or should I be overly nice and make sure my 'likeable' mask is securely fastened. That way there will definitely be no chance of them thinking "Blimey, The Girl's boyfriend is a bit of a twat, isn't he?"
Or maybe I should get really stoned before we go. Although on second thoughts, conversations about opening up a chain of shops that sells individual plugs might get a tad moribund (Thanks Alan Partridge).

I can't believe that within five minutes of meeting the guy I work with and his wife, The Girl tells them that we broke my bed!

Oh and I've finally changed the songs in the jukebox thingy on the right. Just a straight upload of the last five songs my player played. That Ingrid Chavez one is a killer though.

5 parlez:

Dita said...

Best way to meet "The girl" is in fact, drunk or stoned, isn't it?

Cat said...

I think there's a lot to be said for "just being yourself", whereas conversations about plugs are probably best avoided...

bedshaped said...

Are you saying what I think you're saying?

Nothing wrong with conversations about plugs.

surly girl said...

it's probably after-the-fact now, but, really - just be yourself. really. and, can i come to your wedding? you can come to mine...

bedshaped said...

surly girl,
You're right and I was.

Ha, you may be waiting a long time for my wedding!