Monday, April 30

And it feels like running with your eyes closed, if you forget what you're supposed to be

After the high of the weekend, I've felt deflated today.
Is that to be expected?

Money troubles piss me off.
The fact I allow myself to get so pissed off about it, pisses me off.
If I can get through the next 5 days without a very nasty letter from my Bank Manager, I'll be really surprised.

3 parlez:

Cat said...

Money troubles piss me off too. Spending currency on domestic appliance repairs is plain wrong. I wonder if I can offer the tumble dryer man something in return, in a barter style? (Or in a porn film style? I'm joking. Of course.)

Saffyre said...

I just had to spend money on 'man tools' for DIY....A stiletto and a butter knife just wasn't going to cut it.

Money troubles and man troubles...BAH!

treacle said...

Must be something in the air. I had a nasty letter from my bank manager today... but the sun is shining and eventually, one day, things will work out. Chin up darl, virtual hugs coming your way.