Monday, May 28

For what I’ve done, I’ll start again. And whatever pain may come, today this ends. I’m forgiving what I’ve done.

You don't have to anywhere near a Maths genius to figure out that 180 - 640 = deep shit.
That's the summary of my Bank Account over the next 4 days.
It's difficult not to have it affect me in such ways that it causes disjointed and uncomfortable sleep, buggers up my thinking and keeps me feeling 'low', which in turn means this cold I have isn't going to give up the ghost in me anytime soon. The fucker.

I'm actually quite good managing cash-flow. I can budget pretty good and know when it's time to stop spending. That's all well and good when I actually have cash to play with, but since I've stopped working for somebody else and decided to go self employed, the biggest problem I've had to deal with is this transition period. I'm still in the process of finalising certain things before I can actually go full steam ahead being self employed, so in the meantime I've been working on as many odd jobs here and there as I can to at least cover the bills. It has literally been 3 months of managing to somehow scrape by.
On the occasional days during the last 2 weeks (in between the odd jobs and my illness), we've been posting leaflets through doors to generate some business. It seems to have worked to a certain degree. Of 5,000 leaflets, we only managed to get about 1,000 out but already we've quoted 5 jobs and got 4 of them confirmed to start. This is all good news because jobs mean money and whilst lots of money would make me happy....having enough money to not have to worry about nasty letters or knocks at the door for the next month would make me even happier.

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Emma said...

If you were in London you would have gotten a job out of me last week... I did think of you when I had to call the drain doctor out to unblock the pipes.