Tuesday, May 29

You said things would never change. But sometimes they get rearranged.

Everything was going fine until we discovered the previous plumber had connected the old toilet to a hot water feed.
What a twat.
I asked the guy if he'd ever noticed his boiler firing up everytime the upstairs toilet was flushed.
We had to sort that mess out.
We 'lost' 2 hours sorting that mess out....
and then I cut through a gas supply pipe.

What a twat.

I've updated the mp3 music files available to download on the sidebar over to the right.
I'm in a shouty mood.

3 parlez:

treacle said...

oh shit. at least its over now eh? I am in a feeling stupid mood... n'er mind.

Cat said...

That Pigeon Detectives track is one of my favourites at the mo.

Lena said...

I'd stick to musical notes as much as possible, Bed!