Sunday, May 27

Well, she's not bleeding on the ballroom floor, just for the attention.

There has been a little tension in The Girls' house this weekend.

The music playing in my car is considered to be 'shouty music', because it isn't bassline driven and running at 122 BPM like the usual dance stuff she listens to.
Apparently I was too forceful during the cushion fight.
Her mobile phone couldn't have fallen off the table, it must have been helped on it's way.
Accidentally clicking open the wrong window on her PC proved an interesting move. Cue sheer panic expression on her face coupled with "go back....what are you doing!"
I'm not sure if she considers me a lazy or neglectful Blogger. Or possibly both.
The misunderstanding over 'deep throating' didn't help matters either.

I'm not even gonna mention the fact that she let rip the dirtiest burp a little earlier. Obviously she's moved into her comfort zone a little earlier than I have.

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Cat said...

I used my colleague's laptop to check in online for my flight tomorrow and thought he was going to have a heart attack when I clicked to pull down his internet history. I hate to think what was on there...

Delboy's Daughter said...

I'm sure the Girl was just concerned with The Guys obvious lack of pc navigating. I know i'd be worried with a novice at my helm!

bedshaped said...

What's the betting he's gone and wiped all his internet history now, just in case....

delboy's daughter,
Aah yes, that must have been it.
I did however spend an hour or so sorting out her disasterous music folder, but alas my lack of PC skills kicked in when I was unable to create a new folder called 122BPM for all her single dance tunes.
Or perhaps I was being kind.

Delboy's Daughter said...

OOoo that sounds like a great idea for a music folder !