Sunday, March 18

I can see it in your eyes, there is something....something you wanna tell me.

Those 'spooky' moments.

Call it second sight, premonition, intuition, preconception...whatever....but it's very odd when you get those times when you've been talking about something and then sometime later, there's a connection.
It's happened quite often with The Girl and I, when we've spoken about something during the day and then out of nowhere we're reminded of what we were talking about by something on TV, or on the radio, or in the news, or by somebody else randomly mentioning it.

Over the weekend, we were talking about places to go on holiday. The city of Prague came up, we had a brief conversation about it and then went onto speak about other things in our quite strange, random way.
Cue last night, when The Girl was sat on my PC doing her English Assignment and I was lay on the sofa, flicking through the music channels. On pops a track by Lasgo called "Something" from about 5 years ago, with a video shot on some city streets, in a restaurant and in a train station. Something was naggin at us both....
The Girl decided that finding out where the video was shot was more important than finishing her English Assignment. There was much Googling, followed by a little frustration. It looked at one point that the video was shot in Germany or possibly Belgium, but Wikipedia came to the rescue as a last resort and there it was in black and white:
"As 'Something' became more popular throughout Europe, they shot a videoclip in Prague for international usage."

Now that was a spooky moment.

2 parlez:

Rach said...

Spooky indeed. The writing on the wall says you're going to Prague. You gotta love google!

bedshaped said...

Proving once again, what a wonderful thing the internet is.