Tuesday, March 20

Come all ye reborn, blow off my horn. I'm driving real hard. This is love, this is porn

I can visually feel the weight coming off me.
Does that sentence even make sense?

At the beginning of last week, I bought a pair of combats to use for 'work'. With my multi pocketed and knee pads included combats, I set to work on Tuesday. By Wednesday afternoon the side of my hip was red raw. The waistband had been digging in so much.
I bought them as a 34 waist. I seem to fluctuate between 32 and 34, but I wanted these work combats to be comfortable, so went for the 34's. After two days of wearing them, I realised I've bought one of those 'not quite the same as everybody else' sized garments.
I begrudge having to exchange them for a 36 waist. I'm not a fucking 36!

Anyway, seven days later and they appear to be much more comfortable.

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Cat said...

Maybe I need to be doing some hard labour! That said, my ring flew off and landed in mybaked potato over lunch today, so I would appear to be losing weight on my fingers at the moment.