Wednesday, March 21

You can brave decisions, before you crumble up inside. Spend your time asking everyone else's permission and then run away and hide.

We have absolutely shit loads to get finished tomorrow.
We have to complete and leave by the end of the day.
She is moving in on Friday.
Oh shit.

Tomorrow will be a long day.

We actually managed to have a lunch break today. Bling's wife made us some sandwiches. I dropped a clanger when she asked me if I wanted some mayonnaise on mine, to which I replied "Mayonnaise is the food of the devil". My sandwiches arrived cut into quarters....with the crusts cut off. I'm sensing she likes to get her own back.

I can hear my neighbours TV. They must be turning the volume up more later, which means either they are getting more hard of hearing or quite possibly to drown out my increasingly loud music.
Something's up with the 'Cool As Fuck' couple on the other side too. I haven't seen Mr Cool As Fuck since January, when we had a conversation over the fence, as you do. He hasn't been around (or at least I've never seen him) and his car is never on the drive anymore.
I wonder if he's away on a Training Course. Or maybe he's left or been thrown out. Maybe he's in their garden....she's been out there digging and tossing dirt around a lot lately. Wow, I could be on TV, being one of those 'neighbours being interviewed' thingies and be the one to say, "No, she was lovely. She wouldn't have said BOO to a goose".
Or perhaps an episode of too much active imagination.

Yep, tomorrow is gonna be a long day. But when we're finished, we're not taking anything else on until Monday, so that means a nice long weekend.
No prizes for guessing what I'll want to be doing over this time....yep, a marathon wanking session.

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Delboy's Daughter said...

I'm shocked and disgusted.