Sunday, March 11

But this is solution and this is amends. The joke always tends to come true.

All change.

As as tomorrow, Monday the 12th of March, I'm Self employed.
It's been a huge decision to make, with lots of pondering and scenarios dancing about in my head. But I've waded through all the shit to get here.
After not earning any money since January, it would be quite nice to start bringing something in.
And I'm happy.
I'm smiling.
I have that tingly feeling inside my stomach.

I didn't do too much damage to The Girl's backdoor. I left her with a smile on her face....and a new cat-flap in situ.
I should have taken some photos of it, but instead I was more taken by the potato man I made:

3 parlez:

Cat said...

Good luck with the self-employed thing. I hope it's not a new career as a fruit and veg sculptor...

Beth said...

that potato man is the creepiest thing i've seen in a long time - what were you thinking???

good luck with the being your own boss thing.

bedshaped said...

Rest assured, I have passed the pictures onto Tim Burton with my permission to use them in his next movie.
I'm still awaiting his reply....