Tuesday, February 20

The anger swells in my guts and I won't feel these slices and cuts

So....how's things....?

My cold is much better. I'm not coughing up all that crap anymore, my nose isn't so sniffly and my stuffy head has disappeared.
My money situation hasn't improved at all and I'm finding every day a real struggle now.
I'm completely and madly in love with The Girl, even after a year (technically), it's still growing.

The money situation is so frustrating. Yesterday I received a tex message on my mobile from The Money People saying everythiong had been approved, giving a number to ring for further updates. I called the number later on, only to be told they had no such decision recorded on my file.
Today, I've received a letter from The Money people saying the same thing, all accepted. This time giving a different number to ring for updates. I called that one, only to be told they could do nothing until the guy who's dealing with my case confirms to them a change in loan amount. So once again, this is something that was supposed to be done in December!
I then called the other number and spoke to a helpful guy who looked over all my notes. He then asked me what I'd been told, so I said about the text message, then the letter (dated yesterday!) both confirming it had all been accepted. I also told him about calling the 'help number' and being told nothing about confirmation, just about the loan amount being in disrepency.
He told me that on his notes, it's written that the under-writers have passed back the application to the guy who's dealing with my case because they've rejected it. This is dated Friday the 17th, which obviously conflicts with the text message and letter I've received since then.
I am having a severe head fuck over all this.

When I drive to my Training Centre, I pass a factory unit called "BJ's Cheese". Now somehow, that's just gotta be wrong, right?

On Friday, The Girl treated me to a night out at the cinema. We watched Music and Lyrics and I really enjoyed it. Hugh Grant just plays himself as per usual, but Drew Barrymore was excellent. She got to wear some really nice clothes too.

I heard on the news today, about the biggest poll of it's kind all about peoples perception about their bodies. How can girls think that being a UK Size 12 is overweight. What the fuck is wrong with society?!!!
Poor Robbie's in rehab again and Britney's decided to shave off all her hair.
What the hell's going on?

2 parlez:

Cat said...

It probably doesn't help women's perceptions of themselves when they order a size 12 dress online and are sent a "free gift" of an anti-cellulite product. Yes, that happened to me last week. No, it did not make me feel good.

bedshaped said...

That's just wrong on so many levels.