Wednesday, February 14

Me with the floorshow, kickin' with your torso. Boys getting high and the girls even more so.

So, I'm a little better today.

Of course, many people may be thinking, "Oh of the Man-Flu is it?", but no, it isn't. I'm rarely ill, so I'm lucky in that respect, but on the flip side when I do get ill, it usually sweeps me off my feet.
I'm not sure if it's just me (I don't think it is), but when I'm really ill, my bollocks ache. I've had them squeezed really hard by somebody for a period of time, but not enough for them to hurt right away....they just ache a lot sometime later.
Oh, just me then.

Driving back from the Training Centre today was really funny.
A few days ago, I found a nifty short-cut, which cuts about 15 minutes off my journey, due to not having to wait in loads of stop/start/crawling traffic. Sometime today, roadworks appeared on the route and consequently it wasn't such a good short-cut after all. There were temporary traffic control lights on a roundabout junction, causing a huge tail back of stop/start/crawling traffic.
I glanced in my rear view mirror and saw a girl in the car behind. Her facial expressions were hilarious! At first, I thought she was on a hands-free mobile, talking to somebody else, but alas no....she was going ape-shit at the traffic hold up. Like it was our fault! Ranting and raving, she was. We'd crawl along a little, then come to a stop and as I glanced back in the morror at her, she was doing a brilliant impression of somebody having an arguement, except there was nobody else there. I wasn't doing it on purpose, but I could see her going nuts again, waving her hands around because I wasn't 2 inches away from the car in front of me. Apparently I wasn't the only one because I could see her clearly having a moan at some of the cars in front of me doing the same thing.
It was frustrating, but hey....road repairs have to be done, right. Thankfully, she was excellent entertainment that made it so much more bearable.

Most people in the UK have heard about this story. A 2 year old girl sexually assualted and then murdered. The police have now charged the girl's Uncle. I'm a firm believer in "Innocent, until proven guilty". I'm also very aware that the Justice System we have isn't infallible, but that said....the guy who did this should be castrated, publically humiliated and then sent away to spend the rest of his natural life in a very horrible prison.
What a sick fucking bastard!
Men can be such appalling and horrifying people at times.

I'm so ashamed to be part of this sex.

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Cat said...

There seems to be a lot of man fu going around at the moment...

Cat said...

Or man FLU.

Anxious said...

Swollen glands is probably what causes the bollock pain. You have lymph nodes in your groin (among other places) and if you're poorly, they swell up.

moi said...

'manFlu'... i love it.

bedshaped said...

It's not ManFlu dammit!

anxious, I bow to your medical knowledge.

SwissToni said...

man flu is no laughing matter, you know. It's one of the most serious and inexplicable illnesses known to, er, man. You girls just don't get it.

Glad you're going to pull through though. You can never take that for granted with a full on bout of the man flu.


DelboysDaughter said...

Why haven't you updated yet damnit!