Thursday, January 4

There's no excuses my friend, let's push things forward.'s a funny old game.

The other day I spoke to my ex wife, telling her about my current circumstances and my outlook and she managed to twist the whole thing around. When I spoke about myself, I tried to put it across as such a positive move for me, but she shot me down in flames and I left feeling like the most selfish person on the planet.
What I saw as being the best move forward for me got turned into the worst move for her.

Tonight I spoken to Bling. My old Boss who now does what I'm hoping to get into. He's done nothing but pelt me with positive thoughts about the whole thing. He's so upbeat about it and keep saying that all this crap will soon pass.

Amazing how the same subject of conversation can be interpretted so differently by different people.

Today hasn't been great but it's been a hell of a lot better than yesterday. I won a fight with my bank, had some semi positive news from the money people and spoke to my old Boss about changing the car that I've just bought off them. It's all looks and no functions unfortunately.
I've just sent a huge email to my brother. For some reason, I felt like I needed to 'talk' to him.

Part of the email:
"But I'm ok though. I thought I'd email you guys to let you know that I'm ok, despite things not looking so rosy at the moment. I've been through worse shit than this, I'm sure things will work themselves out.
So yeah. I'm unemployed, kinda skint, unreliable wheels and unable to put anything into place until i get the money from the loan, but it doesn't stop me thinking it's the best move I could have made.

I'm planning to clean the house from top to bottom tomorrow.
That's how interesting my life is nowadays.

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