Wednesday, January 3

Everything's so blurry and everyone's so fake and everybody's empty and everything is so messed up.

The return of Celebrity Big Brother.

So in the house, we have:

Jermaine Jackson - wtf!
Danielle Lloyd - A Celebrity? Former Miss UK, controversially lost the crown soon after and now dating a footballer.
Ken Russell - Controversial British film director who looks about 104. Surely the insurance bill for Channel 4 to have him on there must have been astronomical.
Jo Omeara - Former S Club 7 singer, now apparently a dog breeder.
Leo Sayer - Easy Listening singer from yonks ago. Rates himself as 'a funny guy'.
Shilpa Shetty - Bollywood actress. Does she have any idea how damaging to a career this program can be?
Carole Malone - Columnist for Paparazzi, serial moaner and critic about absolutely everone and everything.
Donny Tourette - Lead singer with band Towers Of London. Rock star wannabe and complusive twat.
Ian 'H' Watkins - Former member of huge band Steps who earlier today admitted he was gay. Media seeker anybody?
Cleo Roccos - Comedy actress almost exclusivelly known for working with Kenny Everett in the 80's. Looks a million times better now than she ever did back then.
Dirk Benedict - Actor from Battlestar Galactica and the face of....well, Face from The A Team.
Typical cigar chomping AK-TOR.

Apparently Jade from a previous Big Brother, who has consequently become somewhat of a celebrity is going in on Friday. Well, that's if the rumours are true.

25 days of compulsive viewing.

This is a crap post but it's the best I can muster with how shit I'm feeling.

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Cat said...

On the front of Heat magazine is Nikki from this year's BB saying she is "going to shake up the house" so I wondered if she was going in, not Jade. (Although I read it was Jade in the paper too.) Either way, I'm hooked - I am a complete reality tv addict.

bedshaped said...

It's an addiction that affects many of us, you're not alone.

Flash said...

I'm with you guys & my early thoughts are that Leo's gonna win the show & that Danny who-are-ya? needs a seriously hard smack in the face with a blunt instrument.

Oh & happy new year fella!