Tuesday, January 2

I am a little bit insecure, a little unconfident. 'Cos you don't understand, I do what I can, but sometimes I dont make sense.

Not much has happened today.

I went into (ex) work earlier, to give them my car back and sort out the paperwork for the boneshaker I've just bought.
True to it's word, it shakes. It shakes like it's done 100,000 miles, when in fact it's done 126,000! But....it get's me from one place to another and has the bonus of a cd player. Things ain't so bad.
Another guy has left since I've left, so the Sales team are really struggling now with just 4 people left. I watched them today, with stressed looks on their faces....I spoke with my (ex) Boss, Third Time Lucky and he asked me if I would considering going back there....
Within 5 minutes of entering the place, I realised I'd definately done the right thing.

I've had an ansafone message left tonight from the money people. After 2 conversations with them previously, being told that everything had gone through and they were just waiting for one piece of information being faxed over from some other department, they are now asking me for all sorts of additional information.
This is not good.
Hopefully, tomorrow I will be able to moan at them a little and ask in a polite way just what the fuck is going on and somehow make them 'forget' that they asked me for anything else. Surely they can't tell me everything has gone through and is fine and then tell me that they need additional information to complete it! That just seems so very wrong to me.
I'd kinda counted on all this being sorted and the last stage being kinda formalities.
Fuck fuck fuck. This is not good!

Well if anything, 2007 is already shaping up to be a trying year. A lot could happen this year, if only I could get my arse into gear.

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Cat said...

I sympathise about the finance stuff. I'm being stalked about a missed Direct Debit at the moment. (They suddenly changed the date without warning so of course there was no cash to cover it.) I feel like even though I must have spoken to every single member of staff in the company, no-one is listening and no records appear to be kept. Grrrrr.