Friday, January 5

Can you hear me you peers and privy councillors, I stand before you naked to the eyes.

A quote from a book by a guy called Dan Price:

"Some of us are born with unrealizable and unattainable dreams. They push and pull our beings through life like a pack of wild dogs on the end of a hundred straining leashes. But just coming to realize that some of those dreams could be a reality can be the first big step in a persons coming of age."

He goes on to say that many or most of our family and friends will contend that the safest course lies with the herd. "Security" is coveted like an Olympic flame and carried aloft for all to see.

This guy lived his dreams just by believing in himself. What he's achieved is nothing short of amazing and he scoffs at the people who pointed at him like the town idiot.
I'm not in any way going to be following in his footsteps, but the entire message of the book just sung out to me from the pages, rising chorus after chorus of just believing in yourself. Who would have thought that just believing in yourself could make such a difference to people. And he's right. A little positivity goes a long, long way.

A little more upbeat from me tonight. Strange, considering this morning I opened an envelope with a court summons in it.

Quick recap:
No job
No money
Nothing set in stone for another job yet
Unreliable bone shaker (car)
Money people still dragging their feet
Endless bills
Court summons

Still the best move I could have ever made though.

4 parlez:

Beth said...

"Court summons" ?????

bedshaped said...

Yep, courtesy of the wonderful local Council.

Vesper said...

i love that quote. i think it's very important to not be afraid of being the village idiot. we get the furthest in life that way!

Cat said...

Sometimes the sensible thing is not the right thing, and it sounds like this is definitely the best thing. Or something.