Wednesday, January 31

Remember shooting shit down the old alleyways. Talking tragedy and music like old Holiday.

Some of my fingers are green and they smell a little funny.
No, I haven't been fingering Kermit The Frog, apparently it's something that can happen when handling lots of copper and using flux.

It will be the latex gloves for me then.
In fact, they could come in handy!
Nudge nudge, wink wink...oh forget it!

There's 9 other guys on my training course. I've only really spoken to 2 of them, the rest seem to want to keep themselves to themselves. They just don't seem to very talkative....or forthcoming.

I got an ansafone message from the guy from the money place. He assured me that everything was progressing on and he's sorry for the misunderstanding from their staff yesterday. Oh and should I have anymore enquiries about my application, then I should phone him on his direct number. That would be the same direct number I already have for him. The same direct number that goes onto his voicemail instantly, even when he says in the greeting message that he's working those hours. Twat!
Yes, I have an enquiry about my application....what the fucks gone wrong with it?!

If I could just get this big fuck off issue of money sorted out then I'd be sleeping a lot better at night.

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Rach said...

the first 2 lines - hahhahahahahahaha. Hope the course goes well. Out of interest were did you get your blog template from, it is fantastic.

bedshaped said...

The course is going very well thanks.
The template was my idea and design, but Nello did the coding for me.
You can find her link on the left sidebar, down towards the bottom.