Monday, February 5

She swings me over to pull me out, Twirls around and I fall about, in giggles and laugher, oh I’m plastered, can’t damn help it, I’m sorry love.

Some good luck for a change!

My current boneshaker of a car seems to be half-reliable. Not only has it managed to be reliable enough to get me to my course every morning, but it also got me up to The Girl's house and back.
It's such a relief to have some reliability now and I feel like I've come slowly back down to earth.

The Jamie T album is excellent!

Over the weekend, The Girl and I went to see The Fountain at the cinema. A really good film, but we both felt like we 'lost the emotion' of the film, probably due to a woman coming in with a baby. Not a small child, a baby! A baby that cried through the first 30 minutes. Not constant crying but enough noise to distract from the film.
Who the fuck takes a baby to a cinema!
Anyway great film. I'm gonna watch it again, this time with hopefully no distractions and see if I beomce more absorbed by it.
The soundtrack is amazing though. I'm gonna download that too.
Yeah, I know....I'm bad.

The Jamie T album is the dog's bollocks. Have I mentioned that already?

4 parlez:

Delboys Daughter said...

Jamie T sucks monkey balls!

bedshaped said...

You're entitled to your own opinion delboy's daughter, however in this case you're wrong.

funny thing said...

who the hell is jamie t?
Please tell it's not theakston....

moi said...

hmm, baby in cinema. not cool. the only cinema watching with le bebe i'll be doing are the special matinees they have for mom & babies where they keep the volume down low so you don't ruin your kid's hearing before they're even a year old...