Monday, January 29

I could be brown, I cloud be blue, I could be violet sky. I could be hurtful, I could be purple, I could be anything you like.

The beginning of a new week.
The beginning of a new direction on my journey.

Towards the end of December, I decided to give up my job in sales and take the plunge to train in a completely different area of work. At the end of this 6 week intensive course, I should have enough qualifications and technical know-how to begin to set up working for myself.
Get me eh?!

I was on day one today.
They said it was an intense course, but I don't think I quite understood just how intense.
6 weeks of fucking hard work ahead.

The Brit Music Awards are coming up. Please step over to thread about the brits over at theauditorium. It's fun, join in. Don't make me beg, it gets ugly.

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Emchi said...

Well good luck to you! I envy you, I wish I had the balls to re-train for something. So are you going to share with us what you're re-training in? I'm utterly intrigued!

YokoSpungeon said...

Good luck with it all.

It sounds tres mysterious!

Beth said...

I am impressed. And a bit in awe of your courage.

bedshaped said...

Thanks for good luck wishes, much appreciated.
It's nothing fancy and I suspect I may have built it up on the blog much more than I should have done. Oops.
I'm training to be a plumber. Well, possibly other things too, but primarily it's your plumbing I'm interested in missus.

Thank you as well. Believe me they are most appreciated.

Deep down I'm still shitting myself.
It's a huge change for me, being so used to 'sales' jobs. I wanted a completely new direction and I'm hoping this is it.

Emchi said...

Good for you! what an excellent career change, I know someone who quit working in IT to become a plumber, turns out the money and life in general was better so good for you! You'll probably find it a lot less stressful than a sales job.