Sunday, January 28

I can't undo the day. It won't go under the rug.

Well, today has ended up being a crap day.
Sometimes we just have to suffer really crap days, don't we?

Early afternoon, I had to wave goodbye to The Girl, who'd come down to see me last night. For the next 2 hours, I worried about her getting back safely. This was followed by a further 2 hours at my parents house trying to convince them to lend me just over 4 grand. It appears that me watching all those Derren Brown programmes have paid off and by the power of persuasion (ok, there was quite a lot of begging too), they gave me the money.
This is an absolute life saver and I couldn't thank them enough. I must admit, I wanted to do this all on my own, but the sheer bnattle it's been so far, I had to give in to temporary defeat.

On Saturday, I waved bye bye to Boneshaker, my totally unreliable car. The fond memories (if there even were any) soon drifted away as I was driving away in a different car. This other car has 50,000 less miles but is 2 years older.
I cannot even begin to express my relief at actually having something that might be reliable enough to last the next 6 weeks.

I start a training course tomorrow....for the next 6 weeks.

Today has been a crap day.
After if having to say goodbye to The Girl isn't bad enough, I then had to beg my parents for some money.
I hope I know what I'm doing.

After a few frustrated evenings with yousendit, the songs in the jukebox are live again. Just on the right sidebar. Enjoy....The DJ Shadow song is particularly lovely.

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