Monday, December 11

You're answering questions that have not yet been asked . All sparks will burn out in the end .

Day one in disguise is over.

And so endeth the first of two training days, with me in the guise of my Boss 'Third Time Lucky'.
It appears that I've already done this course, with the same two trainers too, so I'm kinda popular at the moment 'cos I know most of the answers. They all probably think I'm a bit of a swot, but hey, shame for Third Time Lucky, huh.
Luckily we haven't had to listen to typical trainer speak, "Lets try to think outside of the box", "It's not a problem, it's an opportunity" or "Now we're not here to teach anybody to suck eggs".

There's about 30 of us on the course. I'm sat inbetween a guy who has no idea how bad his BO is and a guy who's been in this industry for 35 years. I've only done 3 and a half and already I have itchy feet. I don't know how somebody could endure that sort of time in this job, I really don't. He actually looked like he'd done 35 years in prison for something.

I'm still no wiser on if I'm gonna get this extra money I need. The silly buggers left an ansaphone message on my Mum's phone, so I didn't get it until a few days later. Since then I've left 2 messages for the woman to call me back because everytime I ring, she's unavailable. Needless to say, we've still not made 'contact'.

I just don't get it.
Everywhere we turn, it's money money money. TV adverts offering loans and mortgage extensions left right and centre. Promotional material sent through the post, magazine adverts and people who call you up to offer you loans. And people say the banks and building society's are gasping to throw people money.

Show me the money

To say I'm frustrated with it all is one thing, but all this delay and messing about on their part has all but convinced me that their decision is already "No".
I can't help being a pessimist. I think it runs in my genes.

Last night I dreamt that The Girl split up with me.
I can only remember some parts, but I can remember she used the excuse that it was because I didn't like the Top Gun soundtrack. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, but she completely went off on one about it.
I found out the real reason. One of the little people told me that she'd gone back to her ex boyfriend because he had a job and money. I presumsed that to also mean he had something to offer.
I remembering ringing my brother up to tell him and I was actually ashamed to tell him about my circumstances, so gave him the Top Gun excuse instead.

Dreams are so weird aren't they? What the hell am I supposed to read into that?

4 parlez:

Beth said...

Long shot but - I think you're a bit anxious.

Flash said...

That the Top Gun soundtrack is very important in the grand scheme of things?

Beth said...

You *don't* like the Top Gun soundtrack do you?

bedshaped said...

What is it about the bloody Top Gun soundtrack.