Sunday, December 10

Don't waste your time on me, you're already the voice inside my head.

Another weekend almost over.

Old Father Time is a funny old bugger.
The days when you'd quite like to relax and enjoy, whizz by so quickly. The days that you'd rather see the back of sooner rather than later, seem to linger on through every....tedious.... minute. The time that fills the gap between you and your loved ones being together, gives the impression of being played in slow motion. Conversly, the time you spend being yourself with the people who allow this pleasure, swifty become memories over your shoulder.

My mum is out of the hospital already. The last time I saw her, she was pale, slow moving, in considerable pain and throwing up all over the place. When I saw her earlier, she was settling into the comforts of 'her chair' in their house, waddling around at a medium pace, has some colour back in her cheeks and there wasn't a projectile motion in sight.
All good then.
She's out, she's doing a lot better and in all the scheme of things (with all my own personal crap to deal with) she's made me realise (once again) that so long as your friends and loved ones are healthy, then everything else is just....'stuff'.

In 10 days, technically I will be unemployed. Not only that, but the way things are headed I'm probably gonna be disastrously broke as well. I can only hope that The Girl will be happy with an apple and a lump of wood as a Christmas present.

Blogger appears to be insisting I switch over to beta. Everytime I login, I'm now greeted with half a screen inviting me to 'make the change'. This must be what The Girl was going on about. First the insisting, then the 'auto switching'.
Oh dear.
Since updating my Firefox browser, my spell checker doedn't work. Anybody know why?

What I'm listening to right now, as I hit post:
Jennifer Lopez "I'm gonna be alright".
It's a remix y'all.

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Vesper said...

my new blog:

Ally said...

Is the spellchecker a plugin that doesn't work yet with the upgraded firefox?

I'm glad your mum is getting better.

SwissToni said...

I'm avoiding beta blogger at the moment, but this evening i had to log into google to comment somewhere, and then it was impossible for me to comment using my blogger ID on that blog. They are so going to force it soon.


I fear change.