Saturday, December 9

Take a look at what I took. A Leaf out of everybody else's book.

She's a fighter, my mum.

Seeing her throw up on Thursday night probably wasn't the best thing for me to witness.
Everybody thinks she's gonna be just fine.

The people who make the decisions about the money I need, appear to be thick.
It worries me that crucial decision makers in my life appear dumber than me.

I know that things are gonna be alright. I feel it.
But I also know that's the 'bedshaped a la stoned' talking.

As I slept last night....

Christmas evening.
The Girl's house, with her and I, her Mum, her brother and some little people.
She announced a 'special present' for me.
And with that,
she strolled over to the wall
to turn the lights down low.
Then continued until she was sat at her piano.
And she played.

I don't care what happens....This is gonna be the best Christmas I've had for a very long time.

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