Tuesday, December 5

If you're sick of evil knocking at your door. Throw up the love sign once and for ever more.

She knows
She would know
She feels
I hope.

My mum was due to go into hospital tomorrow for an operation.
Earlier tonight, they phoned to ask her to go in tonight. They have a bed available and want her in as soon as possible. She's penciled in for the op tomorrow morning and (so we've been told) should expect to stay in for the next five days on recovery.
People are saying it's a routine operation and it's all precautionary, but five days seems a little extreme for 'a routine operation'. Then again, I'm no doctor.

My boss, Third Time Lucky, asked me into his office earlier today. I thought this might be the "Please don't leave. What can we do to make you stay" talk, but alas it wasn't. As a Main Dealer, we are governed by our Parent Company to have staff attend a certain amount of training courses throughout the year to keep in line with what they call "Dealer Standards". Failure to comply means a hefty fine for The Company, in some cases running into thousands of pounds.
Third Time Lucky is due to attend a course on Monday and Tuesday of next week to comply with said standards and has been told that failure with result in a fine to our Dealership of £80,000.
This conversation was to tell me that his boss, JB, is out of the country from the end of this week until Wednesday of next week, therefore making it almost impossible for him to attend. Apparently our Parent Company wont take "I can't attend" for an excuse, so he's asked me to go in his place. Not as me, but as him.
Yes. I'm to attend a training course in the guise of Third Time Lucky to get him out of the shit and ultimately to save The Dealership an £80,000 fine.
He's promised to 'look after me' and being in such a desperate financial situation, I have agreed.
Those two days should be interesting!

The guy who holds much of my impending doom future in his hands came and went on Monday morning within 20 minutes. His findings are to be passed onto my Mortgage Company and presumably they will call me with their decision in the next couple of days.
Needless to say, what with my mum's impending operation and the decision on my future being delivered in the next few days, I'm on edge.

I'm trying to hold my head above water and sink my thoughts into other things.
The Blagger is (alegedly) coming round tomorrow evening for one of his "Man Chats" and Smiler, who works on Service Reception has also expressed an interest in joining in the 'fun'.
It could get dirty!

In other news....Any music fans who come across this place are cordially invited to jump over to The Auditorium, which is a music blog currently featuring discussions and posts on the new Faithless Album, Damien Rice's latest realease, Jarvis Cocker's new album and the controversial subject of 'secret tracks', a Tom McRae gig (or not, as girlonatrain puts it), the latest Amy Winehouse album and Girls Aloud, amongst other things.
Please feel free to give it a whirl and leave some comments and opinions.

Thank you.

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Cat said...

Hope your mum's doing okay. It's a horrible role reversal when the kids are worrying about the parents, regardless of age. My mum was really ill at the end of last year (and my dad died almost ten years back) and it was proper hellish.

bedshaped said...

Thanks cat.