Sunday, December 3

Tell me a joke and I will love you. Pour me a drink and I'm yours.

The next few days are critical for me.

Tomorrow I have somebody coming to value my house. I'm not moving, just trying to free up some of this 'equity' that everybody else seems to have but apparently I might not have.
His decision will be crucial if I am to break away from the 'Rat Race' of working for a Company and lining everybody else's pockets and making a go of it for myself.
Wednesday, my mum goes into hospital for an operation and we're told she will be likely to stay in for five days to recover.
So yeah, to say I have a lot on my mind is a slight understatement.

Not wanting to wallow in my own self-pity on here, instead I am reminiscing about the gig I went to on Thursday night....The Magic Numbers.
What a great band!

There's nothing outstanding about the two albums they've released so far, but as a live act, they simply ooze with good feeling. I've seen them live a few times now. Once as a support band for Elbow, then on a small tour of their own. Then again on another larger scale tour promoting their debut album, then again at the V Music Festival.

Thursday night was the best gig I've seen them do. To say they've come on leaps and bounds in their live delivery just doesn't do them justice. Their set list was second to none, beginning with two songs from the new album, then launching into the more familiar territory from their debut release. They even managed to embed a great little snatch of Kate Bush in the middle of one of their new songs.
*note* That was a snatch of Kate Bush, Not Kate Bush's snatch.

It was a great crowd and that always makes a huge difference. The band were in good spirits, with the lead singer, Romeo, announcing on more than one occasion that they were up for a "fucking great night". They delivered, the crowd delivered and everybody went home a happy bunny.

Visually, they are as far removed from your 'typical looking band' as you could get, but in my eyes that just makes them all the more interesting. They come in for some criticism in the press for being overweight and touted as a 'frumpy band' but who the hell cares?! The music is the important thing surely and that's exactly where they hit the spot. The fact that some people see them as needing to lose a few pounds doesn't and shouldn't matter and just goes to show what a shallow society we live in nowadays.

Two support bands warmed the crowd up nicely. While they were playing, The Numbers could be seen enjoying their support slots from a balcony just behind, stage left. During The Magic Numbers final song, the support bands came down and joined them onstage, plugging in a various array of instruments and jamming away until Romeo finally attempted to end the song. I came away with a glow in my insides having been witness to a thoroughly enjoyable night of live music.
Quite simply....that's how it should be done.

With that said, I'm now off to begin shitting myself and could possibly be a little vacant for a while.

4 parlez:

backroads said...

Not Girls Aloud though.

Rach said...

Kate Bush's snatch, now that's funny. Glad you had a good time. The Magic Numbers rock

Cat said...

I got more than double what I paid for those Magic Numbers tickets. I actually feel really guilty about it, but I lost £80 by not going to Morrissey at the weekend, so it kind of evens itself out.

Hope the re-mortgaging and your mum's op go okay.

(Money, Money, Money - ABBA)

bedshaped said...

Nah, not girl's aloud.
I saw them perform 3 songs at the V Festival and quite frankly that was 2 more than I needed!

They do indeed rock!

Double your money or not, you could have missed a great gig.
And thanks for the good wishes.