Tuesday, December 12

Feel the heat pushing you to decide. Feel the heat burning you up, ready or not.

My secret mission is over.

The second day of training for me in the guise of my Boss, Third Time Lucky went pretty well. One of the trainers has already given me a knowing nod and a wink when I'm saying stuff. He knows I've done the course before. I don't think he quite realises that I'm there pretending to be somebody else. Although as an amusing parting thought, the other trainer stood at the door as we all left. As I was walking past him, he remarked that he looks forward to seeing me again because he will be "in our neck of the woods" in two weeks time.
I hope he thinks I'm Third Time Lucky. How great would it be to be a fly on the wall when he actually meets the proper one.

This afternoon there was actual contact between myself and my Mortgage Company. Whilst I was kind of expecting a swift and polite "fuck off", the guy looked at my application and said he could see no problems with it and it should all go through over the next few days. Unless....unless I get a phone call in the meantime telling me there's a problem.
What kind of answer is that? I wanted a simple yes or no, but no. Too much for them to be so plain and simple. It's more of a 'build your hopes right up, but then kinda dangle a razor sharp knife over your head, held on by a tiny thread....that's chaffing' kind of answer.
I couldn't help but look on the positive side of things though. After all, he'd pretty much confirmed everything was ok.
Back into the training session I went, with....and I can't help but say it....a smile on my face. For the simple reason that I would never have to endure any more of this Company crap anymore. Every now and then I would glance around and wave them all goodbye with my imaginary hand.

Unfortunately, when we took an afternoon break I checked my mobile. 2 missed calls, 2 ansafone messages all within 15 minutes of me last talking with my Mortgage Company. The internal beam didn't last very long, as the ansafone messages were delivering news of doom. They wont lend me all that I need, only 3/4 of it.

This isn't enough.
This just isn't gonna be enough.

The whole plan has been put in jeapardy, all because some twat didn't think my house was worth a measly 2 1/2 grand more.

Tonight, I've spent the best part of 3 hours adding things up, taking things away, forcasting, budgeting, streamlining, compensating, pre planning, worrying, panicking, breaking into a sweat, turning pale....
And my conclusion....?

I'm stoned.
But from where I'm sitting, in the words of Gene Wilder in Young Frankenstein....


Todays episode of someguyonajourney was brought to you by the word "stoned", so don't do it kids.
Especially not with potential life changing decisions!

5 parlez:

Delboy's Daughter said...

*laughing in style of Beavis and Butthead*


This whole post had me tittering.

Flash said...

Don't do it, you say?
Oh bugger.

bedshaped said...

delboy's daughter,
Tittering?! Is this some new word for the art of self pleasure?

Take it as my disclaimer.
A get out clause, if you will.

Saffyre said...

Don't you just fucking hate banks and mortgage companies - yuk!!!

Sorry to laugh at your misfortunes, but DB's Daughter got it right...tittering was a point of order here!

Chloe said...

i caught up with your posts:
a. your mum is ok
b. the Girl played the piano for you
c. Christmas is going to be great
d. the mortgage company sucks

it's not that bad :)