Monday, December 18

So I sing a song to reel them in. It's a song I've sung before and a song I'm gonna sing again.

So, is it considered wrong if somebody was to go down on a girl, with chewing gum in their mouth.
Hypothically speaking or course.

Well, it was either that or a long post about how crap I'm feeling at the moment.

5 parlez:

Flash said...

I don't know if it's wrong as such but it would certainly be unwise.

Hope the crapness lifts, buddy.

Cat said...

I'd be most displeased to even be kissed by someone chewing gum, never mind anything more intimate.

Sorry to hear you're feeling rubbish, hope you feel better soon.

Delboys Daughter said...

Yes! Wrong as wrong can be and probably most unexpected one presumes!

Cheer up.
Christmas soon.
I bet your girlfriend can't wait to spend time with you. Chewing gum entangled in her pubes or no.

Ally said...

I'd be wary of chewing gum stuck to my pubes. But that's just a personal thing :).
Hope you feel better soon x.

bedshaped said...

I'm getting the genral feeling that it's not such a good thing then. Hypothetically speaking of course.