Monday, November 20

Lights go out, the walls come tumbling down.

So when does the Honeymoon Period end?

When two people come together, however it's happened and embark on a relationship, it's well know to be what's known as The Honeymoon Period. That time period thought on as "wonderful", "magical", "amazing" and all those other sickly phrases.
Other people....friends and family must get sick of 'the partner' often being the topic of conversation. Especially when they are talking about something else but somehow the loved up person always manages to swing the subject matter around to their partner and their "wonderful" relationship.

This Honeymoon Period seems to have no rules. Sometimes it can last a week, sometimes a month, sometimes longer. And what defines the end of the swooning period?
Is it when you realise they have bad habits that you find annoying? You may have been suspicious about the dirty underwear lying around on the floor those couple of times, only to be lovingly forgiving when your partner explains it's not normally in their character.
Is it when they begin to show you traits of their true persona that they'd previously kept under wraps?
Is it when they don't call you as often, don't give you a huge hug when you see each other or would rather reach for the remote control instead of reaching for your hand?

Everybody is different, that much is plainly obvious. So then would it be reasonable to assume that for each person in the relationship, the end of the Honeymoon Period appears at different times.
And then what?

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Cat said...

I reckon the end of the honeymoon period can be a good thing - it can be the time when you see one another's true colours and like them anyway. When I was with Bad J (interestingly, also the pant wearer) there was a horrendous incident when he travelled for almost three hours to see me and I got super-plastered and was vomitting (v. unusual for me, I must hasten to add) by 10pm. While it was definitely less than pleasant, I felt like we'd negotiated new ground once he'd seen me at my worst.

(The Wonder of You - Elvis)

Delboy's Daughter said...

Funnily enough i felt a similar thing to Cat when I embarressingly got drunk/etc and was dry heaving into my boyfriends sink and then semi collapsed on his conservatory floor with my head hanging out of the patio. Not my finest hour, and possibly the worst i've felt in a year plus. But this happened quite some time ago, and the honeymoon period isn't yet over for me.
I'd gone through the 'puking in front of lover' stage (although not actual vomit might i add) and made a tit of myself rather early on.
I definately think my boyfriend has seen me at my worst... and I reckon its probably a good thing. At least i get to relax a tad. I have however not seen him at his worst yet by any means.
Perhaps he has something to hide!

I guess whether a relationship survives differences between the two members in it, is its very own testamount to being a good one and proof right there. Some relationships are strong enough, or at least the people within them are strong enough, to cope with evolution, and some aren't.

bedshaped said...

cat, I can understand what you're saying there.
Makes sense.

delboy's daughter,
Look on the bright side, at least you don't snore so loud that you wake yourself up.
Now that would be the final straw, surely?

Delboy's Daughter said...

A male dominated area me thinks! You men with your heavy nose holes that vibrate.
I'm lucky enough to sleep so softly and womanly that it sounds like falling snow on a blacket of moss.
Oh yes.
I'm dainty.

bedshaped said...

Then why am I smelling porky pies?

Delboy's Daughter said...

Ah not from me my friend! You'll have to ask my boyfriend for confirmation on that one, but as he's the perfect gentleman i'm confident you wont hear anything asunder.