Friday, November 17

I found a place where we can boogie.

Alone at The Girl's house....

Oh the opportunity and possibilities!
In true 'creepy guy' style, I could be rummaging through her knicker drawer, prancing around her house naked, poking my nose into places where it doesn't belong or hell, I could even have a wank over the pillow she will be resting her head on tonight.
My 'creepy guy' genes appear to be missing as usual, so instead I've done the washing up, made the bed, cleaned out the particularly smelly 'presents' left by her cat in the litter tray, made myself a coffee and sat patiently on her PC until after 9am, when tickets for Damien Rice went on sale.

Today has started off well.
Good Karma appears to be coming my way for a change.

5 parlez:

Vesper said...

you sound like a sweetheart!

backroads said...

You big jessie. Hope you didn't you break her PC when you sat on it.

Also, the upfront denial technique's a belter. Anyway I'll meet you in Cathedral Gardens to trade those thongs later. You ain't seen me, right.

Cat said...

I once discovered an ex boyfriend of mine was poking around in my drawers when I realised he was sporting a pair of my pants. If he'd asked, I'd have been delighted to pick him out a pair. The fact he'd hunted around was just too weird.

bedshaped said...

Why thank you.

Give me a day and time to meet up and I'm there. Although I should warn you, The Girl's underwear resembles something Vanessa Feltz or Bridget Jones might wear.
Still wanna trade?

I presume he was dumped because his choice of the floral designs didn't match with his vest?

backroads said...

er... absolutelyish