Tuesday, November 21

Leave me out with the waste, this is not what I do.

I went to the movies Sunday night.

I watched "Saw III", but that's not important.
Movie trailers....
With every movie trailer, you get a voice. Well, not so much a voice, more of a the voice. It's a guy, it's deep and it's mean and it's moody.
I can't think of any film trailer I've seen that's had a girls voice over it. Telling us that this is "the film of the year", or what happened to the kids hitch-hiking when they took a wrong turn, or how it became one man's mission to free his name after being turned on by his own Company.

Why is this such a male dominated area?
I wouldn't be offended to watch a movie trailer with a girl voice over on it. Who would? Would it make such a difference to the trailer, having a female voice giving us the low down that we wouldn't want to go see that film?

I find the whole subject of movie trailer voice overs quite fascinating at the moment. Mind you, I've had a smoke.

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Vesper said...

good fucking point! seriously! i would love some of what you're smoking...

Cat said...

Way off topic, but I used to work with the woman who is the voice of the Clydesdale Bank and Post Office. Or at least in Scotland.

"Teller number nine, please."

(She's Hearing Voices - Bloc Party)

bedshaped said...

Passes the toke to vesper.
A good point indeed.

What a great claim to fame though. For her I mean, not you. Although you would probably raise an eyebrow or two with that story.

It's a mans mans mans mans world - James Brown