Wednesday, October 11

Will he offer his me his jaws. Will he offer me his hunger....?

Things are strange at work.

Currently we have two people off on holiday.
There's a big sale weekend coming up.
I'm told we are advertising for a new salesperson.
The rumours are, either we will move one guy (Sniffer) into dedicated used cars, or we will keep things as they are and sack somebody.
Oh the joys of working for my Company!

The problem of no sound on the movie downloads appears to have been solved (thanks to The Girls' brother), so tonight, I've watched the movie Karla.
I'm not sure how I feel, to be honest.
I know quite a lot about the case, this knowledge has gone against me.
Maybe too much. was ok.
As a stand alone movie, it was ok. As a movie that depicts the story as the truth....well, I just don't buy it. Of course it's my own opinion, but the movie shows the whole story very one sided.

No updates until after the weekend now, 'cos I'm gonna be spending time with The Girl over the next few days.
This just in though....I've had an idea....

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Anonymous said...

hey someguy. it's hailey. hope you remember me. it's been almost a year since the last time i kinda blogged or so. hope you're doing fine. i'm pretty much still alive, off my meds and all. going on a steady job. i'll drop by some time again and read up what's going on with your journey. take care and live life!

godspeed, hailey

Phx said...

An idea... I'm reading your blog backwards and wondering now if this idea is why you are smiling 5 days later.