Sunday, October 15

I heard the news today, all about your new disease.

In the news recently:

Some mega rich guy is reportedly going to 'lose' half of his £11 billion empire in his divorce.
Prince Harry disappears with his girlfriend for 8 minutes.
Paris Hilton, once again flashes her knickers in public.
Lottery jackpot winner goes back to work.
New Borat movie set to outrage even more countries.
Bridget Jones's big knickers fail to sell on Ebay.

And I wonder, if the news reported starvation, death, hunger, homelessness and poverty on a daily basis, with such prominence....I wonder if the world might just be a better place because more people would actually want to do something about it.

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Marina said...

humanity seems to insist on two of the oldest misconceptions:

- war
- what you don't aknowldedge can't harm you.

Bottoms up for knickers and divorces.


Flash said...

So Paris was actually wearing knickers for a change then?

Cat said...

I tend to listen to Radio 1 a lot and it always amazes me how much the news is "dumbed down". I know I should switch stations, but I must confess to being addicted to the chat, particularly Moyles and Mills. It's just a shame I'm about 10 years too old for it.

(Radio - Teenage Fanclub)