Monday, October 16

All you good, good people listen to me. You`re just about done with the way that you feel .

I've been in such a good mood today.

Surprising, considering work has been a bucket of shit.

But I can't stop smiling.

I'm going to see Embrace play on Wednesday night. Apparently they are supported by The Delays, which is good news because I really like them.

That's not the reason why I've been smiling.
She knows.

There's more, but I've had a smoke....

4 parlez:

Joe said...

I've never taken to Embrace, but Delays should be amazing live. Very underrated band.

Chloe said...

happiness is contagious! xx

bedshaped said...

I'm really looking forward to The Delays, mainly because I've never seen them before and I like what I've heard.
Embrace and I have a strange relationship.

It can be, that always depends. Some people are born to be miserable. It's almost like it's their life's ambition.

Cat said...

I'm with Joe on Embrace. Interested to see how the Delays are. I'm for Razorlight on Friday and We Are Scientists next week. It's gig-tastic at the mo!

(Happy - Ned's Atomic Dustbin)