Tuesday, October 10

Touch me in the morning and last thing at night.

I won a prize!

Over at swisstoni's, I won a prize for spotting him in a crowd of people.
Go me!
I may have cheated a little.
A little jiggery pokery aside, when I arrived back from work, via a D.I.Y shop, a package was waiting for me. Upon opening, I was greeted with this:

I've never won anything before, so a mug is as good as anything. Although I missed out on the t-shirt. Pah!
Practical- yes. Useful - yes. Attractive - I'll get back to you!
But the best thing about the prize was this:

And just how much fun do you think I can have with this stuff!!!

6 parlez:

Chloe said...

bubble wrap! lucky boy!

Bonobo Love said...

Wow! How weird is this, as I have to buy some bubblewrap today for PPQ!...

You couldn't lend me some could you?... :)

Flash said...

I know this sounds mad but I am officially bored of bubblewrap.
too much of a good thing, eh?

Ps. Chloe is a fox!

Dita said...

Gotta love those unexpected packages to lift the spirit.

bedshaped said...

Envy me!

bonobo love,
Lend you some?! Are you insane!?

Bored of bubblewrap? Is this even possible?
Oh, and there's to be no flirting in my comments box please!

It's always nice to 'get' something in the post that isn't akin to a bill.

SwissToni said...

I hope you enjoy both the mug *and* the bubblewrap. I'm just pleased it all arrived in one piece.

I hope you get some use out of it !