Monday, October 9

When I used to go out I would know everyone that I saw. Now I go out alone, if I go out at all.

Today I read about a guy who 'posted' himself out of jail.
His job inside, was repairing mail bags and one day he decided to sew himself into one. He mixed himself (somehow) within the other mail bags on a pallet, which was dutifully shrink wrapped, loaded onto a truck and driven out of the prison.
You have to applaud the guy for ingenuity. Although he is now a fugitive on the run and was inside for double murder, so his only redemption would be to turn himself in and explain it was just all just a joke. Along with their security system, apparently.

I'm a virgin when it comes to downloading movies. It appears I can get the film ok (three times now), but there's no sound. I've discovered I am missing a codec and even though I've searched the net and found the one it tells me I need, it makes no difference. I even downloaded some 'tools' which are supposed to help me around this problem, but even they are saying I'm missing things. So I've now downloaded this movie three times, all without being able to hear any sound. And to add insult to injury, I have acquired a program called 'G Spot' which seems to be playing arseholes when I try to uninstall it.
I'll probably try again a couple of times before I end up asking a guy at work to obtain me a copy *cough*. It's a last resort though because I know this will be a movie I only want to watch once. I wouldn't want to own a copy, even if it is only £3.

I've just received an email from "Hartley". I can get the idea of the contents from the title alone, which begins "You cumm very quickly and without any control". So, somebody is spreading rumours about me or Hartley can see through the gap in the curtains.
My inbox gets a little cluttered with spam nowadays. Telling me I've won the South African Lottery, offering me a job working from home, earning in excess of 50k a year, telling me my bank is updating its computer system and I should follow the link and submit my bank account details to them. And of course all the ones telling me I'm a failure at being a guy and my sex life is crap, or my wife has been caught cheating, or my penis is too small.
I wonder how many people actually fall for crap like this. Would these companies still bother to spam people if their scams weren't paying off? But surely there can't be anybody falling for the old "submit your bank details here" scam?
Can people really be that naive and gullible?

Last night, I dreamt that I was old. I couldn't even wipe my own arse, I had to ask somebody else to do it.
Not so much a dream then, more a nightmare.
I never want to end up like that. I can only hope that life treats me well and departs from me when I'm still able to fend for myself.

5 parlez:

Beth said...


people can be that naive and gullible.

...and I have their names & addresses.

Flash said...

The mailbag escapologist; you've got to hand it to him.

They say the same about the blind prostitute.

Cat said...

Did you see that Dispatches last week about how scammers get hold of bank details, credit card etc? Quite, quite frightening.

bedshaped said...

You say you have their names and addresses as if it's some sort of threat!

I'm sure I've seen his escape idea in a film. Or maybe I dreamt it.

I don't watch TV. Well, would you count less than 2 hours a week (if that!) watching TV?
I did see a program a few years ago about how easy it was for people to 'steal' another persons identity and then run up huge debts with credit cards and the like, thus leaving the real person up shit creak, minus the paddle.
A similar thing perhaps?

Beth said...

not a threat.
just a potential retirement fund.

if only i had the 'evil genius' gene.