Sunday, October 8

I'm coming down, coming down like a monkey, but it's alright. Like a load on your back that you can't see, but it's alright .

Events from the weekend.

I think I'm quite easy going.
That said, when it's time to meet 'family' of the person you're dating, isn't everybody a little....erm....shitting themselves?
I'm still coming to terms with the fact the F word is used in everyday vocabulary in front of her. If I let slip with that little gem in front of my mother, she'd probably grab the nearest book and swipe me over the head with it, followed by a "go and wash your mouth out" kinda thing.

A few things I didn't expect:

Here's the scene....The Girl, her mum and myself are chatting in the living room. Enter the dog who wanders over and then proceeds to lick the cats arsehole. Not done with causing such a scene, the cat decides to take the embarrassing factor to def con 1 one by gently rolling onto her back with legs akimbo. My attempts to avert my eyes and laugh it off were startled by comments about how that pussy enjoys a good licking (pun not intended).

Here's the scene:
The Girl and I are cuddling up on her bed (which happens to be in her living room at the moment), when her cat strolls by. Headed for the other room for one of two reasons. Food or to use the litter tray. No amount of praying appears to sway that cat from doing a dump to rival a 'delivery' from King Kong. Ok, so the cat needed to 'use the toilet', so to speak. No problem. I'm sure however, that the time and effort she spent covering the 'present' up wasn't required. To lighten the mood, as by this time we were both wearing that "oh that bloody cat" look on our faces, I (vocally) imagined the cat was building the mountain in Close encounters of the third kind.
Close encounters appears to be a passion killer.

I've met her brother a few times now. As much as I like the guy, I'm not sure I was ready to see his penis. Yes, some old photos came out and as usual, if there's a guy in the family, there always seems to be old pictures of him wandering around in the nude. I'm sure it's some kind of law or something. It's a conspiracy move by the parents, so they ultimate hold over their sibling, the fact that some time in the future, their partners will be shown 'the baby pictures'.

The Girl has expressed interest in seeing some old pictures of me, when I finally get around to introducing her to my folks. I did think about emailing my mum in advance, to threaten that if she didn't destroy all nude baby pictures of me, I would never speak to her again. However, we don't have a great relationship anyway, so no amount of threat from me would make her see pity.

For five minutes, I had a conversation with the guy on the other end of the phone about dips. To compliment our pizza and potato wedges, dips were required. I should have know better considering every type of dip I offered on the phone, his reply would be, "Yeah, yeah, it's no problem." Needless to say the pizza and wedges turned up, minus any dips. The guy who delivered is now under strict instruction that on his return to the shop, he should note my address and the fact that I am now owed some dips, not to mention the change he couldn't give me. Although I'm not holding my breath considering his reply was, "Yeah, yeah, it's no problem.".
Who sends a pizza delivery guy out on a Saturday night without any change?!?! Isn't that a basic rule for delivery guys?

I really enjoyed the weekend, even though I worked Saturday and today. I really like the fact The Girl is so close to her family. I think that's because I haven't got that closeness with my own.
I can't stop smiling.

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Ally said...

I can't stop smiling.

Cat said...

Last time we ordered pizza the man brought the wrong flavour of Ben and Jerry's. (No to fudge brownie, yes to cookie dough.) However he not only returned with the right ice cream, he left the other one. Which, of course, we ate anyway.

bedshaped said...


The Girl suggested he bring my change at the same time he drops the dips off. I wasn't willing to chance it.
They've fucked up with me before and they always come good, so it's cool.